About Tricia

My Mission Is to Help You Love Your Life through a Fulfilling Career

I know what is weighing on your mind because I’ve been there. I lived in fear thinking about making a change, because I was comfortable with my financial situation and didn’t want to compromise my lifestyle. I was comfortable in my role, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I felt I wasn’t making an impact on the company or the team. Because of that, I didn’t feel valued despite the time, effort, and care I put into my work. Nothing seemed to make a difference. My health and relationships were suffering because of it.

I took my first step toward freedom and enlisted a coach. My coach helped me find confidence within myself and provided me with tools to explore my options. Once I became clear on what lit me up and how I felt in the company of people I wanted to spend my time with, I held my breath, closed my eyes, and leaped! When people ask me what I love best about my new career, I get excited to tell them that I have the opportunity to make an impact in the world by helping women live a joyful life.  Plus, I still have the freedom and flexibility to maintain healthy relationships with myself, my family and my friends.

If you are ready to make the impact you were born to make while enjoying freedom and flexibility, click the button below to apply for a discovery call with me.

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