Helping executive women striving for fulfillment uncover their purpose & passion to transform their lives through careers they love

When you think about your job,

Do any of these feelings resonate?


Stressed every day from your executive role and bring that stress home to your family?


Tired of saying “yes” to everyone in the C-suite all day and too exhausted to say “yes” to the kids who need help with their homework?


Worked your ass off to get a seat at the table but still don’t feel like you have a voice there?

Been There, Done That

Tricia Sticca, Career Transformation Coach

Greetings! Tricia Sticca here.  For the past 20 years, I have been climbing the corporate ladder looking for success. When I “got there” I realized everything I loved was left behind. I get it, you are born to achieve, and the only way you know is to work your way up in the company. Being a successful woman was exciting but after you got there, you realized it wasn’t what you thought. You thought you would be able to make a difference in others’ lives, but you found on your way to the top, you got further away from making the impact you wanted to. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the journey I guide you on, you will be able to find your way back to yourself and align your career with who you are meant to be.

Purpose-Driven Career Roadmap for Executive Women

Signature Coaching Program

If you are an executive woman striving for fulfillment, I introduce you to my signature program, Purpose-Driven Career Roadmap For Executive Women.

You don’t have to CHOOSE between a career you love OR a high salary… there is a way to achieve both. The key is to lock into the right STRATEGY to not only uncover your dream career, but to seamlessly make the career transition.

During this 6-month journey, you and I will walk arm in arm through my process to help you uncover your purpose and passion.  Not only will you be able to thrive in a career you love, but also feel less stressed, feel more valued, have more energy, and look forward to your work.

Transforming Your Career

Three SIMPLE Steps to a Career You Love

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Love your career…love your life

Together we will execute your plan until you land in your dream career

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